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We specialize in the repair and restoration of antique radios from the early 1930's to late 1940's "the Golden Age Of Radio" , when radio was king and TV was just a dream!




Golden Antique Radio Service


Repairing And Restoring Radios From the "Golden Age Of Radio"


"Yes Virginia, we can make that old radio play good as new, even better !"


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Welcome to Golden Antique Radio Service. We LOVE old radios, like the ones that John Boy and the rest of the Walton's used to set around at night.  Perhaps you have one that your grandparents used to listen to, or maybe you remember having one as a child.  Maybe you still have it, in an attic, in the basement, out in the garage, or who knows.  Maybe you've found one and would like to get it fixed, but you can't find anybody that will work on it.  Perhaps you've been told that "nobody fixes that stuff anymore because you can't get parts".  Well, guess what-----WE CAN!  We've been working on these radios for nearly 50 years.  We CAN fix that radio--Better than NEW!!  We have the parts, tubes, information and knowhow to make that radio look and play like new.  We even warranty that 70 year old radio for two years when we're finished!  How's that!  Want to know more?  Well come inside, look around and you'll see what we do. 


To view our inventory or to see what else we have for sale please click on the inventory or specials tabs at the top of the home page.  Inside you'll find certain radios that are done and ready to ship to you, and items that I have in stock to sell.  If you don't see what you want or if you are looking for a particular make or model radio, feel free to drop me an e-mail and we'll see if we can look it up. You'll also find links to the same recourses that I use to find information and other radios.


Down below you'll also find links to other sites that I use when looking for parts, supplies, other collectors and just good information when it comes to collecting or using antique radios.  You'll also find links to associated restorers of antique audio, Victrola/Edison machines and jukeboxes. 

You'll even find links to the old radio shows that your radio probably played back in the 1930 and 1940's.  Enjoy the stroll through the virtual museum known as "The Internet"!


Here's the first place I go when I need info and parts.  It doesn't hurt that John Goller's a good friend, either!
















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